Setting Up My Classroom(s)

One of the first things on my agenda when I accepted my first teaching position was setting up my classroom. I didn’t have a specific color scheme or theme in mind, all I knew was the feeling I wanted my room to give others (students, teachers… really anyone who walked through the door) when they walked into our classroom.

The first time I felt this myself, since being an elementary student, was when I walked into Mrs. McKell’s third-grade classroom (my level III practicum). If I could only use one word to describe her classroom, I would choose “calm”. Not only was it a calm place for the teacher (& student teacher), it was also a calm place for her students!

I think there is something to be said about working & learning in a calm/comfortable environment. I have been in my fair share of classrooms and there are some that I personally wouldn’t be able to teach or learn in. When I was setting up my classroom, this was my philosophy: If I don’t feel comfortable in my classroom, my students probably won’t either.  I may only be in my third year of teaching, but I have recognized a lot of students find their “calm” at school, so my goal is to offer that the best I can!

I have now had the opportunity to set up two different classrooms in two very different settings. Despite the differences in physical set up, I knew I wanted to create a space that was open, organized, comfortable, & uplifting. I also wanted a space that would invite students to take risks, respect others, & collaborate.

Although this post is centered on the classroom set up, I want to point out that it takes a lot more than the organization, decoration, & color schemes to create an ideal classroom environment. It is also important to understand that my ideal classroom might look different from yours, and that is 100% okay!

Now onto some pictures!

My first classroom was in a {new} portable. It was very rectangular, white, and didn’t have much storage. It was a very bright space with a lot of natural light! Storage was limited, but I didn’t have much to store (new teacher perks). Lack of storage also made moving my classroom much easier because less storage = less stuff!


My second, and current, classroom is in an older school. The school is set up in quads, and I have an inside room. It was definitely different going from my portable, with the white walls and natural light, to a classroom with a different texture on each wall and no natural light. It took some time to adjust, but I have grown to love the space I’m in. I don’t think my students mind it either!

IMG_1202IMG_1110IMG_E1129IMG_1130pens and deskIMG_1108IMG_1106IMG_1179IMG_1104IMG_1141IMG_1201

Setting up a classroom takes a lot of time & energy, but luckily I had a great crew (my family) who helped me put it all together! Maybe my classroom set up has little influence on some of my students, but I really do think this space allows me to be a better teacher!

PS… if you’re wondering about my mountain classroom (like how I made those mountains) I have a post for you!!

So How’d You Make Those Mountains?



16 thoughts on “Setting Up My Classroom(s)

  1. Your classrooms are both adorable! But, more important than the aesthetics is the feeling that is created within those (multi textured) walls! Every student knows and understands that they are loved and that they can persevere and do anything!

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    • Sorry, I’m just seeing this!! The large single letters were cut out using my silhouette (with bb fonts from TPT) and I can’t remember where the circle letters came from, but I know I found them for free online & then I made my own banner.


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  3. Hi! I’m late to this blog, so hope you see this question…

    Is that an IKEA paper roller? If so, how did you mount it so it doesn’t wobble or come of when pulling out paper? Thanks!


    • It is actually from target. I carefully used pushpins to attach it to a bulletin board. I usually take it down to write on it, but in cases where I did leave it up, I haven’t had problems (but I also don’t yank the paper down).


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